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This blog was developed to give me a space to give you recommendations of books that I’ve read and loved.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I!

Different Class by Joanne Harris

Harris, the author of Chocolat, writes a story about an old prestigious boys’ school in England. It is filled with quirky headmasters and a couple of really evil boys who wreak havoc on the lives of the inhabitants of the school. It is filled with deliciously twisted plots that will leave you guessing to the end! Harris does it again!

The Women of the Castle by Jessica Shattuck

Marianne is the wife of a German Nazi resister during WW2. She is a wealthy, highly educated German whose circle recognizes the danger that Hitler poses to the world. The men decide that Hitler must die and enter into a plot to assassinate him. Meanwhile, Marianne opens her home (an old German castle) to three [...]

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The Marriage Lie by Kimberley Bell

Iris and Will and desperately in love – well Iris is and she thinks that Will is but then something happens. Will disappears and Iris discovers that his disappearance is preceded by a series of lies so tangled that she no longer recognizes the man she married. It is a suspensful, fun summer read!

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THe Orphan’s Tale by Pan Jenoff

A fast paced read with enough suspense to keep you going to the end. It is the story of Noa and Astrid and how their lives collided during WW2. I liked that the historical setting was a new one for me – the circus! Noa and Astrid struggle to overcome their pasts as they forge [...]

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Eleanor Oliphant is Completly Fine by Gail Honeyman

Eleanor is a woman who is tightly bound to her routine. She is alone and is just fine with that – or is she? She is a delightful, quirky, extremely funny character who is trying to overcome a terrible event in her childhood. We learn in little bits what happened and how Eleanor fights to [...]

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Our Short History by Lauren Grodstein

A lovely story about Karen Neulander who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and is trying to ensure that her six year old son, Jacob, will have people in place to love him after she’s gone. Her sister is her rock and helps her come to terms with how to allow her son’s father into his [...]

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