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This blog was developed to give me a space to give you recommendations of books that I’ve read and loved.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I!

Faithful by Alice Hoffman

After a car crash that leaves her best friend on life support, Shelby loses her “self”. She begins receiving two word messages from an unknown stranger – messages that bolster her – and they follow her all the way to New York where she feels she can truly get lost. This is a story of how Shelby finds her self – the book is tender, funny, wise – again, all the things I love in a novel.

Serial Monogamy by Kate Taylor

Sharon is a novelist who is reeling when her husband leaves her for his grad student. A few months later Sharon is diagnosed with breast cancer. She is asked by the editor of a dying newspaper to write a serial to commemorate the anniversary of Dickens’ death. She says yes in the hopes that the [...]

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The Long Hot Summer by Kathleen MacMahon

This is a novel about a dysfunctional family that you cannot help but love. Each character gets his/her own chapter that gives you some insights into that particular (dysfunctional) individual. Funny, Wise and tender – my kind of book!

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Hagseed by Margaret Atwood

IF you haven’t read Shakespeare’s The Tempest you should become acquainted with the story in order to really appreciate the genius of this take on it. And really what more can I say but this vintage Atwood – hysterically funny, intelligent, filled with dastardly deeds and brewing with characters that you will love to hate [...]

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The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey

She is one of my favourite authors from NewFoundland. This is the third novel about the Now family (Sylvanus Now and What They Wanted) focusses on Kyle, the youngest surviving brother. Three years after the death of his brother Chris, Kyle is still raw with gried as are his parents. The book explores the insularity [...]

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The Stranger by David Bergen

Iso, a young guatemalan woman works at a fertility clinic in the highland of Guatamala which caters to rich women who hope that the waters of the nearby lake will help their chances of conceiving. Iso becomes pregnant by the clinic’s doctor who is gone before she can tell him. The daughter is taken from [...]

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