The Secrets Between US by Thrity Umrigar

This is a sequel to The Space Between Us (This is one sequel where it really helps to have read the first book). We follow Bhima as she struggles to build a new life for herself after having been forcebly sent away from her old job. She meets Parvati and the unlikely duo begain a friendship that will save them both from financial ruin but more importantly – from loneliness. A wonderful story about the power of women’s connections to each other.

The Gunners by Rebecca Kauffman

Mikey Callaghan is reconnecting with his childhood friends, known as The Gunners. The group lost touch after Sally committed suicide. Mikey is suffering from macular degeneration and some of the blur in his life is due to unresolved issues. Perhaps the Gunners, Alice, Jimmy, Sam and Lynn can help him focus? A fast paced mystery and story of friendship and redemption.

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Celestial and Ray are newlyweds are crazy in love. Unforseen circumstances rip them apart as their new love is tested by systemic racism in America. This book was scary in its portrayal of how a situation than is beyond your control can change your life forever. A must read in this Trump era. Beautifully written and powerfully told.

Still lives by Maria Hummel

Kim Lord is an avant-garde feminist icon in the NY art scene. Her subject matter is paying homage to women who have been murdered after going missing. On the night of her vernissage she disappears. Her boyfriend, Greg Shaw Ferguson is the prime suspect. Maggie Richter works at the gallery that is organizing the vernissage. She doesn’t believe that Greg is capable of murder and she should know – she’s his ex and is still in love with him. This debut novel has all the elements I most love – art, feminism and mystery! Yippee!

The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian

Casandra Bowden is a flight attendant who has a bad habit of blacking out when she drinks. This doesn’t usually pose a problem for her until she wakes up beside the man she picked up in a bar in Dubai and realizes he’s dead. She panics and heads back to NY without reporting it. I love books by Chris Bohjalian – they are well written, fast paced and usually end with an unexpected twist. I must admit that this twist was a little far fetched even for me but it’s Bohjalian so I have to give him a break!

Let me Lie by Claire MacIintosh

Anna Johnson’s father commits suicide and several months later so does her mom – in almost the exact same way. Anna is convinced that something is wrong when, several years later, she receives an anonymous message that causes her to question whether her parents’ deaths were in fact suicide. I have to admit that I figured out most of the mystery (I’m usually really bad at that) but it was still a good read.

The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

On a whim Simon, Klara, Daniel and Varya Gold go see a psychic who predicts the exact time of each of their deaths. The lives the children choose to lead reveal just how much of this prophecy they each believe. Do we choose our fate or do the fates choose us? A great book.

Mrs. C by Caitlin Macy

In Upper East side New York Philippa Lye, Minnie Curtis and Gwen Hogan become embroiled in some nasty business. So many reputations on the line. So many unsolved mysteries about the women and the men in their lives. What a great read!

The Wife by Alafar Burke

Angela marries Jason… all hell breaks loose when he is accused of murder. You will be pulled this way and that as you race your way through the book (I did anyway) to see what happens. I really liked this well written fast paced thriller!

The Tin Man by Sarah Winman

A beautiful story about exploring sexual identity and enduring friendship. Ellis is mourning the death of his wife, Annie. Michael is also grieving the loss of a love. The three were once inseparable but Ellis hasn’t seen Michael in years. The story goes back and forth in time as Ellis and Michael come to terms with their lives and choices. I loved it!