The Book of Madness and Cures by Regina O’Melveny

I know – I’m reading like crazy – didn’t realize how spent I was until the couch beckoned me and bid me to remain a while.

Regina O’Melveney is a poet and the novel has that quality of language about it that causes one to reflect on life …
“Maybe neither of them could overcome the rash words that provoked old sorrow.”
“I turned to my clothing as one would turn to scraps of a geography that must be pasted to a sphere. Even the regions that were missing, the lost things, should be noted.”
“And we think we are so large! We are so important! But we are socketed in our illuisons. I am large to you, dear Daughter, and you are large to me. But we only flicker like insignificant sparks upon this earth.”

Ending a little too tidy – but what the heck – it’s summer and we all deserve happy endings right?