The Sultan’s Wife

Just finished my first summer read: The Sultan’s Wife by Jane Johnson (She wrote The Tenth Gift)

This historical novel is set in Morroco in the late 1600’s and is narrated in turns by Nus-Nus (means half and half – He’s a black, eunich slave in the Sultan’s court) and Alys Swann (a lovely Brit whose England-bound ship has been taken by slavers who then sell her to the Morrocan Sultan’s court – do you see where this is going???).  Alys becomes highly favoured by the Sultan (a crazy despot who is busily constructing a palace to rival Versailles).  Nus-Nus and Alys become inadvertently embroiled in the courts plots and intrigues and find themselves allies as they dodge daggers!  Filled with a cast of evil courtiers, constrained by their serfdom, embued with spirit, intelligence and gumption our two heroes make their unlikely bid for freedom!  Great summer read – not too deep but never too shallow!