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This blog was developed to give me a space to give you recommendations of books that I’ve read and loved.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I!

Happiness Falls

By Angie Kim

When Mia and Eugene’s father goes missing the family is desperate to find him. Eugene and his father have been out for the day and Eugene returns alone, highly distraught. The problem is that Eugene has a condition known as Angelman Syndrome and cannot speak so Mia and her mom can’t find out what happened. And so begins their search to uncover this mystery. This is a brilliant look at how we assume that people’s intelligence is linked to their ability to speak, at parental love and at the lengths to which we will go hold a family together. Great!!!! (You also have to read Miracle Creek by the same author – reviewed earlier)

Family Lore

By Elizabeth Acevedo Flor, Mathilda, Pastora and Camilla are four Dominican-American sisters who each have a “special” gift. When Flor decides to have a living wake, the sisters, Flor’s daughter and niece are frantic. Why? Because Flor’s particular gift is that she can see why someone is about to die. Acevedo is a master at […]

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A Tidy Ending; Three Things about Elsie; The trouble with Goats and Sheep

By Joanna Canon I love Joanna Canon. She writes beautifully. Her characters are funny, smart and her stories are intelligent and thoughtful. I copied and pasted these summaries from Goodreads: “A Tidy Ending [Hardcover]:Linda has lived in a quiet neighborhood since fleeing the dark events of her childhood in Wales. Now she sits in her […]

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By R.F. Kuang When Athena dies in a freak accident June steals her manuscript and publishes it as her own. It is a huge success and catapults June to fame. Of course things begin to unravel for June as she spins more and more faslehoods while convincing herself that she is deserving of these accolades […]

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The Colony

By Audrey Magee A beautiful story of an isolated island off the coast of Ireland where the inhabitants are the keepers of the lost Irish language. The Englishman, Mr. Lloyd, is an artist looking for an authentic experience and a place to paint. Jean-Pierre Masson is a Frenchman studying this lost language in the hopes […]

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The Great Believers

By Rebekka Makai The book takes place in the 1980’s in Chicago during the AIDS epidemic. It features Yale, a development director for an art gallery and Fiona, a young woman who has lost her way after her brother, Nico, died from AIDS. The story moves between Yale and Fiona in the 80’s and Fiona […]

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Eight Perfect Murders

By Peter Swanson Years ago, bookseller and mystery aficionado Malcolm Kershaw compiled a list of the genre’s most unsolvable murders, which he titled “Eight Perfect Murders”. Now there is a killer on the loose who has used Malcolm’s list to assist him (her?) in those dasterdly deeds. An FBI agent comes knocking on Malcolm’s door […]

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The Way of all Flesh/The Art of Dying/A Corruption of the Blood/Voices of the Dead

By Ambrose Parry Edinburgh 1853. Meet Dr. Will Raven and Sarah Fisher. This unlikely duo teams up to care for the sick and unwittingly to solve murders. These books are nicely paced, intelligently written and evoke the sights and sounds of Victorian Scotland. They feature a heroine who is denied access to university yet fights […]

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Birnam Wood

By Eleanor Canton Mira Bunting has founded an eco-guerilla gardening group. She meets multi-billionaire Robert Lemoine. They use each other to achieve their goals, Mira’s to battle climate change and Robert’s to make more billions by disregarding the cost to the earth. The book’s well paced, the characters interesting and the dialogue is terrific. I […]

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The Twyford Code

By Janice Hallett The Twyford Code is written as a series of 200 audio files that have been recovered and deciphered from an iPhone belonging to Steven Smith, an ex-con recently released from prison after being incarcerated for 11 years. He is desperately trying to figure out what happened to his elementary school teacher, Miss […]

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