The Way of all Flesh; The Art of Dying; A Corruption of the Blood

By Ambrose Parry ( pen name for husband and wife Chris Brookmyre, crime novelist and Dr Marisa Haetzman, consultant anaesthetist.)

I’m usually not one for books written by a team but these three books (in that order) are an exception to my (loose) rule. In 1847, Will Raven is a medical student whose mentor is the famous (sometimes infamous) Dr. Simpson, innovator of modern anasthesiology. While working with the good doctor Will meets Sarah Fischer, housemaid and also budding assistant to Dr. Simpson. The three books see Will and Sarah’s developing relationship and a never ending parade of mysteries that need to be solved. The books are delightful portrayals of the underside of Scotland, the advancement of medicine, a burgeoning love story, a woman who will not settle for her lot in life and good old fashioned mysteries. Throw in great dialogue and nicely developped characters and presto, a winning trio!