The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova

I read her first novel, The Historians, and loved it but I think I loved this one even more. All about an artist’s (Robert Oliver) obsession and the mystery that lies behind it. Told in parts by his psychiatrist, Andrew Marlow, an elusive woman from the late 1800’s and the two women who have figured prominently in Oliver’s life, we are led toward an unexpected but wholly believable ending. The novel has depth, great dialogue and engaging characters. Best of all, for me, were the details about impressionism and the paintings of that time. It also appealed to my newfound desire to lay on the couch and read all day, or draw, or sip tea with a friend …

“We don’t know exactly when we get stuck, or lose the energy to work for change, but we do. Perhaps I should have tried harder. But I feel useful, in my own way.” This from Marlow – I loved that guy!

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